Part time jobs you can do in India online and offline

Even though covid-19 has disrupted the way we work, when the pandemic ends, things will find a new turn.

It doesn’t really matter how bad things have been. They will turn around.

Startups will billion dollar valuations are struggling to make ends meet and pay their employees on time. Used to skyrocketing growth, internet companies have been stunned by the near complete collapse of their businesses during the lockdown, now in its sixth week.

The crisis brings to the fore many of the kinks in India’s startup story. While growth and valuations continue to scale new heights, the rot at the core is even with $21 billion in capital, Indian startups don’t make any profits. That’s true across the board for Paytm, Swiggy, Zomato and Ola.

Also in this mood of doom and gloom, Indian startups aren’t getting any fresh capital infusion or have to settle for a big haircut in amounts they raise.

People are being laid off. In these times of uncertainty the masses are flocking to part time jobs. If you too find yourselves in the same boat, don’t worry we got you covered.

In this post, you’re going to find a big list of part time jobs that you can do both offline and online and make money. Most of these jobs are ones that you can do sitting at home itself. Which means they are a great way to spend idle time that you would have wasted away at quarantine.

Blog at home-part time blogging

I started a blog when I was doing my 2nd year in engineering and haven’t looked back since. It’s been 8 or 9 years I’ve been blogging and freelance writing.

The transition was smooth and is something that goes very well in tune with my own nature.

I used spend part of the time during evenings contributing to my blog and sometimes also freelance writing. At the time at $100 a post and 2 to 3 posts a month I made a decent amount as a college-going student.

I used the savings to fund my efforts at starting a blog inspired by biggies like Labnol and SML.

Simply put if you’re an expert or know a great deal about something you could start a blog on that and make money through ads.

If I were to write about the different nuances of blogging, and how to start a blog it would take many days and many pages. But simply put your passion is what matters, keyword research next and you’re off to creating a good blog.

Affiliate marketing

The next in this list is making money through affiliate marketing efforts.

You have a blog. In addition to making money through it with the help of ads why not tryand partner with brands and companies and sell products as an affiliate. You earn a much larger share than what you would have made with a normal Adsense blog.

With affiliate marketing you tend to earn a commission based on each and every sale you generate. The commission can be low 10% or as high as 50%.

Go and join fiverr

Fiverr is the biggest and most popular among micro-job sites. That makes it a pretty interesting place to offer services and make $5 or more a pop.

I’ve seen services go up to $1000 or more and I have personally sold $1000 gigs once or twice. It all depends on the value you can bring to the table.

Taking tuitions online

India is a country where our citizens give the highest levels of importance to education. That means parents spend extra money just to ensure their wards learn. This gives plenty of opportunities for graduates who have a knack of teaching others well to earn some money within the comfort of their own homes.

TutorIndia, TutorCity are few of such that make this possible and even easy to do.

Freelance writing/content writing

If you haven’t explored the possibilities hidden in content writing yet, now’s the time to do so.

You don’t even need to join a formal site that provides content writing jobs for this. You can very well join Facebook writer’s groups to find content writing opportunities so many more than you can rightly handle.

You can also find content writing opportunities with Fiverr or sites like Lexiconn.

Data entry work

In addition, one of the simplest online jobs you can do is perform data entry work.

Data entry is simple work where you fill up forms, fill in registrations details and copy details from offline data to online. It’s a simple enough thing to do that doesn’t really take much botheration.

Micro jobs

Similar to data entry jobs there are plenty of sites that pay for doing simple microjobs.

The perspective is quite simple. There are sites that will pay you for filling up captchas. Sites that will pay you for doing odd jobs like clicking and visiting other sites. These are ptc or paid to click sites where you’re paid for completing an action. For example you’ll be asked to click and visit a site and stay there online for a few minutes or watch a video to its full length. On these sites you also get paid for referring other members to it.

Some of the popular sites that belong to this category are Clicksense.

Solve captchas

In addition to the above sites there are sites completely dedicated to paying you for solving captchas.

A captcha is something another website presents on registration so that it can prevent bot and spam sign ups to their sites.

It’s a pretty good business since there are businesses that want their captchas solved because they’re doing tons of registrations on a daily basis. This used to be quite popular as businesses employ captcha aggregation services to hire humans to solve all these different captchas.

Offer consultancy

If you’re good at something never offer the advice for free. Being being at something means there’s plenty of knowledge and information you have around that particular subject which makes you a prime candidate people flock to advice for.

Say you’re experienced running startups. That means you know all about the different nuances of running a successful company say registering it, all the red tape that comes along with it and so on. This also means you can successfully help people navigate the complex startup landscape and help register companies and sell products like eating pie.

Freelance part time photographer

With DSLR almost everyone is a photographer. But jokes aside photography is something you can fully learn online and in a short time.

As a freelance photographer you get to charge top dollar for the work you bring to the table. 

You can even upload photographs you take to Flickr and people will contact you for a right to use the images on their site or marketing copy.

You decide what you want to charge.


Vlogging is another great career option you can consider taking. With vlogging you can make and upload videos to YouTube. As a career option, I have seen plenty of food and travel bloggers vlog about the places they’ve been to, the different kinds of food they eat and how they experience life through travel.

Even if you’re a no name person, if you have some knack around presenting ideas, you’re going to do very well with vlogging.

Initially, since you’re earning with YouTube, what you earn will be limited to AdSense earnings. But later as you begin to score more popularity and people get to know you, you can transition to something else.

Like selling merchandise

Digital marketing services

Not everyone is an expert at digital marketing. It’s a pretty vast field that’s ever evolving and there are multiple services that form the backbone of digital marketing in India and the world.

It’s not SEO or building backlinks alone.

It’s Social media marketing, writing social content and captions

It’s writing content

It’s press releases

It’s viral marketing and so on.

Virtual assistant

Just like micro jobs you can also be a virtual assistant. The only difference? Instead of working for scores of different people online, you’re working for one or two persons. A virtual assistant helps carry out day to day tasks like scheduling calendar, like reading and replying to emails from others, and so on.

Sub broking

Stockbroking is a complicated task where millions lose lakhs.

To correctly determine a profitable trade you must know stocks inside out and whether to buy sell or hold something.

Sub brokers hire peoplewho can trade for their clients online and make them money. Get certified and go through stock trading courses before you start something like this.

Part time seller

Sellers on Flipkart and Amazon are raking in moolah. That means there’s plenty ofopportunity for you.

Just go and register with FLipkart’s or Amazon’s seller program and get to know the fees they charge. Dropship anything like clothes and wear internally and you are on your way to succeed with this.

Mystery shopper

Some well-to-do people and celebs do not like going out and purchasing stuff. The reason? They get accosted by hundreds of others and shopping becomes impossible. That’s why there are mystery shoppers who do the heavy-lifting for them and do all the shopping according to their tastes, style and preferences.

Celebs don’t like being surrounded by papparazi wherever they go.

Video editor

Being a video editor is a fairly complex job which means you need a certain skill set to do this successfully.

It requires editing hours of footage to give the final output a professional touch and feel that’s otherwise absent with raw footage.

Online editor

As an online editor you could work with a large publication that boasts dozens of writers, editing their output for grammar and complexity.

Yes, if you’re working in India, you will be handed a raw deal with writers who barely know what they’re doing.

But still it’s a rewarding job and with a few hires and fires you will be coasting comfortably.


A journalist for an online magazine can cover news reports and daily happenings and write about them on a magazine or online newspaper. The work is fairly large and the pay decent for this.

App developer

Apps have captured our collective conscousness ever since they exploded into existence.

If you name it, there’s an app for that. Being an app developer means you get to work with Android or iOS software producing code that does something useful.

There could be apps for a flashlight, for a simple calculator or games. App development is something you can carry out from home.

Offline Part Time Jobs

Next we will look at a few jobs you can work in the real world.

Part time office job

One way to do a part time job is work in an office setup. There are portals like Indeed, Quikr, or Naukri that tend to list multiple part time jobs that you can do. If you’re working or studying this can supplement your income very well.

Part time call center job

This is in the spirit of the listing made above. Just like office jobs you can also work part time call center jobs ranging from 3 to 6 hours either at night, afternoon or in the wee hours of the morning.

The Indian BPO sector is huge fielding calls from all over the world. Meaning if you have a free time slot you can probably squeeze in part time call center work.

The scope is plenty as well with earnings beginning at 5k and topping at 10 to 12k per month for a part time job.

And no you need not know English to do this right. There are several regional call centres as well that need domestic voice and non voice processing.

Offline data entry work

In this offline data entry work you need to fill out information into regular old papers. Have you ever noticed that Airtel or Idea never ask you to fill in your details. They just ask you to sign at some places for sim card. That means the rest of the work is carried over by data entry operators with regular pens and papers.

It can also mean filling up account books and registers.

Insurance Agent

Next in line is becoming an insurance agent. People need life inurance all the time. And insurance agents are apt for it.

LIC, ICIC prudential, hdfc and others take agents all the time and with every policy you sell, you earn a lifetime commission. Now, you know why they hound you.

Ola/Uber cab Driver

If you own your car or take it out on a loan, you can earn part time as a driver.

It’s a popular part time gig that can help you earn 5 to 10k bucks on a part time basis every month.

Jewelry making

Marketplaces like Etsy have thrown a new world open for people who are interested in creative arts.

Handmade jewelery is something people in urban cities love because this is what they miss from home. Also its a signal of haute couture.

You can also list the jewelery at local stores and see if they’re selling like hotcakes. If they do that means there’s scope for more and that you’re talented.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness is all the rage, not only during new year but all through the year. Medical costs are soaring and people are doing everything they can to stay a fit. A number of gyms are propping up and they all need people who can work as trainers or as instructors.

As a fitness trainer I read one answer on Quora where she earns 2 lakh or more per month. For regular old gyms you might expect 10k with part time work.

Home Tuitions

Just like taking tuitions online you could earn more by teaching students of rich families. Also there’s a lot of scope for teaching college goingn students.

It’s a matter of prestige for well to do families to hire tutors for their sons or daughers and you can earn 20k at least with them. You could also run tuitions at your home earning 10k or more per batch of students.