Common Career Change Mistakes avoid

Career change might be something you got warned against. In this world of uncertainty sticking to a single job is often consider the safe route.

Many factors can lead to career change and one of the chief factors is a significant change in lifestyle.

However changing career just for the sake of it isn’t recommended and it isn’t the funniest of things to do.

When shifting career you could make several mistakes. Here we will discuss the same:

1. You’ve reached a plateau

The boredom in your current job could inspire you look elsewhere for a career. But is the decision purely driven by emotions and the bad experiences at the job. You might have reached a plateau where you currently are and feel that a job change will fix things. The easy out seems a shift in career. But sometimes you only need to approach the situation with a fresh perspective and change your take on problems.

Don’t decide on changing your career because you feel saturated. More than likely that isn’t the case.

2. A different career may you give more money:

A new career definitely has the potential to help you make more money but its a two edged sword. Monetary gains simply don’t happen without added responsibility and new levels of work. And come recession these jobs might be the first to cease existing.  Money is in exchange for expertise and abilities and work we do. And if those skills don’t exist in the first place then what you’re doing is dreaming pipe dreams.

3. Based on others’ opinions

Sometimes other people have no choice but to make choices for you and you think that their decision is going to be the best for you. It’s likely not.  You should never change careers because of other people’s suggestions or thoughts.

4. No knowledge about things in new career

One of my friends recently jumped ship from his Networking job to a career in logistics. He was comfortably placed and had no problems because he was ready for the career. This readiness was obtained after prepping for the industry and knowing its nooks and crannies for months on end.

More important is to know every facet about the new job and what it entails not just the good things or the salary you will be able to take home.

5. Have a contingency plan

This one bit is never paid attention to. People imagine that when changing careers the entire transition would be buttery smooth. Money will keep flowing. However not all things move so well all the time. You might not want to continue in the job or it may be a startup that is struggling to make ends meet, putting your finances in a topsy-turvy.

It takes a few months for cash-flow to resume comfortable levels.

6. Not getting your family or closed ones on board:

In India family plays a big role in decisions you make. And if you don’t take them into confidence you will be met with more hurdles than you can count. Advice from uncles and aunties and all your relatives whom you may not have heard from in a year or so

Career change is stressful as it is. You don’t want added stress from extended family too.

So these are the common career mistakes that people make. What do you think?

Do you have any to add from your experiences?