Best movies credit cards in India

With credit cards, you’re spoilt for choice as there are tons of moving choices with different options you can choose from.

Some specialize in giving you cashbacks for grocery and online shopping while others are made for fuel and utility bill payments. Another class of cards are great when it comes to entertainment.

If you’re a movie buff, this selection of cards are the best for you.

All the top banks have at least one card that is made for the movie freak.

American express membership rewards credit card

This card finds its place on the top and for very good reason. AMEX membership card is similar to the Amex gold card. You spend 4000 rupees and earn 1000 points when you do so.

But the differentiating factor between the two is that this card is purely geared towards making the user earn reward points. It’s a rewards oriented card.

So whatever you spend on groceries and online gets you points that you can encash for movies. Or you can add money to Paytm, Google pay or other digital wallets and get 1000 points for it which is the equivalent of rs 250 and buy free movie tickets with it. With this trick you will be able to save more with this card on movies than other cards.

ICICI platinum credit card

The second in the list is ICICI platinum credit card. You get a discount of Rs 100 on two movie tickets per month with this card. 

What’s great is you get to keep this card for free as there’s no joining fee or annual fee either associated with the card.

SBI signature elite card

SBI elite is a premium credit with a long list of features queueing up behind it. 

With the SBI elite card you get discounts of Rs 250 on two tickets each. This discount is valid for only two tickets per month. Meaning if you purchase two tickets for the whole year as a movie buff you save Rs 6000 annually.

You also get complimentary lounge access along with airlines fare offers and reductions.

Citi credit card

Citi’s credit card might be the best for all of you who love watching movies. You get 5% cashback on all your ticket purchases made through Bookmyshow.

So CITI doesn’t limit you on the number of movie tickets you purchase as you can buy them all get cashback.

ICICI coral credit card

The coral credit card isn’t exactly inspiring when it comes to reward points but there are several features for the movie lover. You get 2 complimentary tickets every month with the BUY one ticket get another scheme.

RBL Plantina credit card

For movie ticket purchases RBL bank’s plantina card is a must have. If you buy a movie ticket you can get another for free. The card supports a maximum purchase amount of up to Rs 200.

If you’re purchasing every month you save around 2400 per year. After all who likes to watch movies alone?

ICICI bank expressions credit card

With this credit card, you get a maximum discount of rs 100 each on two movie tickets.

For credit cards, to get them you need to be eligible for them. You need to have a basic monthly income to be considered to the tune of 15000. If self employed you need additional documents like ITR>

You need to have a credit score of 750 or higher. Some banks give a leeway and make certain exemptions to this but this is standard.